Our latest patent has revolutionized the concept of the POLO shirt. A knitwear garment that will change your attitude and look of the day. Functionality, quality and style are the three concepts that represent our last creation: “MAKE YOUR POLO”.

We created a short sleeve cotton T-shirt for summer and a long sleeved in cashmere for winter, with a special innovative Serafino collar, created with mini button holes in the inner neckline. To complete the garment you can choose a Polo collar in the preferred pattern and change it during the day if you wish to transform your look.

for spring/summer season

for autumn/winter season

“SPORTY-CHIC” style-“Make Your Polo”

This innovation was inspired by a dynamic multifaceted man, who is looking for a fresh, new style, and wants to reinvent the polo, playing  around with different bodies and collars. His wardrobe has at least three serafino sweaters and a variety of collars for every occasion so he can widen his range of outfits and highlight his personality. Outdoors he can wear the sporty-chic serafino, and bring one or two pairs of collars, in just a few seconds he can adjust his look for any moment of the day: office, travel, happy hour, formal dinner.

Three simple steps:

A revolutionary patent of 

“Make your Polo” was previewed during the 90th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence, in June 2016. It met with huge success from the best boutiques worldwide and concluded in great style with the stipulation of exclusive area contracts.
A 100% Made in Italy, 100% Made in Umbria 100% knitwear, patented garment.  The wearer is guaranteed to be  unique and trendy, thanks to the two detachable, interchangeable and replaceable collars included with each Polo, which are attached with buttons and mini button holes created with a sophisticated style on each collar of the Serafino sweaters.

For more information read the article of FASHION Magazine about “Make your Polo”

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